Term 4 ‘Skilled Kids’ Program

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‘Skilled Kids’ Program – A Skills Building Class for Pre-Schoolers

‘Skilled Kids’ is a specifically designed term-long program. Each weekly class is 1hr long and is designed for children aged 4 and 5 years old. The class gives children opportunities to practice the skills your child needs to transition and cope with school. Whilst the ‘Resilient Kids’ Social and Emotional Intelligence Program delves into social and emotional learning, the ‘Skilled Kids’ Program focuses on other skills that kindergarten children may find challenging.

The difference between kindergarten and school is vast. Kindergarten is rightly an open-ended, play-based environment where children can lead their own learning and follow their own interests.  When your child reaches school they are expected to hit the ground running. The classroom is a fast-paced environment where play is replaced with structured, academic learning that even the most “ready” child can find challenging. So, it’s no surprise that school transition can produce apprehension and anxiety. If you feel your child is ready for a class that provides opportunities to become more familiar with structured activity and practise the skills explained below in a more focused way, then the ‘Skilled Kids’ program is for you!

Program Goals

The goals of the ‘Skilled Kids’ class are for children to:

  • Become more accustomed to a structured lesson
  • Work cooperatively with others in a group, wait for their turn, display patience, understand group and game rules, put their hand up to contribute, etc.
  • Learn to listen to and follow visual and auditory instructions
  • Follow a process of steps to get to a finished product
  • Strengthen fine motor skills in the areas of dexterity, control, pencil grasp, scissor skills, etc. Learn correct sitting position and posture for fine motor success
  • Build language development and vocabulary to express themselves confidently
  • Gain and maintain attention and concentration to sit and listen at group times
  • Hone literacy skills in the area of letter recognition and phonics  **Please note: the program is not a “learn to read” program.
  • Build on their numeracy knowledge to recognise low numbers, count, put numbers in order, etc.
  • Learn general knowledge about inspiring and wondrous interests areas, such as dinosaurs, space, the human body, etc.
  • Plus much more!

How do I do this?

The ‘Skilled Kids’ Class is a multi-sensory, stimulating and fun learning program, encouraging children to explore and make learning discoveries, in a focused and structured way. Children will learn through a balance of explicitly taught lessons, structured group discussions and games, and specially designed play-based experiences, including craft, imaginative play, stories, games with rules, and more. I also focus on some pretty awesome interest areas that spark the children’s imagination and promote a love of learning, such as space, dinosaurs, the human body, etc.  Along with all of the skills mentioned they will learn some fascinating general knowledge along the way!


Parents as Partners – Continuing At Home

I encourage parental involvement within the program and would love for you to learn beside us. However, if you would prefer for your child to learn independently of you, this is fine also.

Each week you will receive an overview of the class with some activities to complete at home if you so choose. This is a crucial step of the program as learning and skill acquisition doesn’t happen in isolation, they require practice and to be presented in a fun and meaningful way. You will also receive tips on how to incorporate the skills your child is learning into their daily lives.


For more information or to enrol, please call Emma on 0411 248 988 or enter your details into the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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