Term 4 ‘Resilient Kids’ Programs 


Tuesday Program: 6th October – 15th December. Every week for 10 weeks excluding Cup Day.
Time: 9.30 – 10.45

Venue: TBA (Due to the uncertainty of COVID, the venue will be announced closer to term 4.) Will be located in the inner west of Melbourne.


Friday Program: 9th October – 11th December. Every week for 10 weeks.
Time: 9.30 – 10.45

Venue: TBA (Due to the uncertainty of COVID, the venue will be announced closer to term 4.) Will be located in the inner west of Melbourne.

‘Resilient Kids’ – A Social & Emotional Intelligence Program

‘Resilient Kids’ is a specifically designed term long program that runs for 10 weeks. Each weekly class is 1hr and 15 min long and is designed for children aged 4 and 5 years old. Children of this age are entering a challenging and often confusing period as they attempt to navigate the new world of social situations and emotional regulation. This period can be trying for children and parents alike. The child’s level of skill in these areas can impact their behaviour at home, leaving parents unsure of how to guide and help their child to regulate their emotions, especially when the situations are intense and unwavering. Their skill level also impacts on the way they interact with peers and transition into/cope at kindergarten, and eventually school.

Children can better navigate this stage by learning strategies that assist them to understand how they’re feeling, how to express themselves confidently and appropriately, how to manage their social relationships, and how to solve social problems. When they can do this, they have better self-control, are more cooperative, and are in an optimal state for learning. Research tells us that strong social-emotional development and skills are a great predictor of future academic success. Therefore, the earlier children start exploring, learning, practising and discussing critical social-emotional skills, the better.

The goals of the ‘Resilient Kids’ class are for children to:

  •  Identify emotional facial expressions/body language in themselves and others and build related vocabulary
  • Learn strategies to identify how they are feeling (such as angry, sad, worried, frightened, etc.)
  • Learn skills to appropriately monitor and modify their feelings, thoughts, and behaviour
  • Learn appropriate ways to express a range of feelings
  • Understand the link between how they think and behave and the way they feel
  • Develop a large repertoire of tools, strategies and thinking techniques to assist in returning to a state of calm
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to relax and remain calm in the face of stress and anxiety, such as breathing, yoga, and meditation
  • Understand that it’s ok to make mistakes and that mistakes assist learning
  • Acquire the skills needed to: Introduce oneself, make friends, be a good friend and understand the concept of empathy
  • Learn the skills needed to: Initiate play, join in an already established group of play and continue to play effectively
  • Learn problem-solving strategies in social situations
  • Develop effective communication skills such as listening and using appropriate vocalisation
  • Gain confidence in social settings and situations.

How do I do this?

The ‘Resilient Kids’ program brings together two evidence-based programs: Merrell’s Strong Start (Pre K) and The Zones of Regulation (see below for more details), along with other tried and tested, age appropriate learning activities.

Children learn through a balance of explicitly taught lessons, structured group discussions and games, and specially designed experiences, including craft, sensory experiences, stories, yoga, and more. The children also create their own take-home learning aids and tools to practise, consolidate, and extend their learning at home with their family.

Other school readiness skills are also honed during the class, including:

  • Fine motor development in the area of pencil grasp
  • Expressive language and listening skills
  • Following instructions and processes
  • Concentration

Strong Start

Strong Start is a carefully designed Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum intended to promote social and emotional wellness among young children and prevent the development of certain mental health problems. The overall goals and objectives of the lessons focus on helping young students build awareness of their emotions and the emotions of others, as well as creating strategies for managing emotions in healthy ways.

The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a systematic, cognitive behaviour approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete zones.  The Zones curriculum provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of, and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts.

Parents as Partners – Continuing At Home

I encourage parental involvement within our program and would love for you to learn beside the children. However, if you would prefer for your child to learn independently of you, this is fine also.

Each week you will receive a comprehensive overview of the class. Discussing the content of the overview and practising what your child has learnt is a crucial step in the program. It encourages them to use what they have learnt, in their daily lives. You will know how to assist them “in the moment” and help them to practice the strategies they are learning. Your child will also bring home tools they have made to help them express themselves. Using these tools with them will help their progress enormously.

You will also receive a handy list of books, games, play experiences, and web links from week to week that you can use on this journey with your child.

Parents who’ve enrolled their children in the Resilient Kids Program have commented that they have expanded their emotional regulation along with their children. The program reinforced how they could better deal with their emotional responses when challenging situations arose with their children.


Who is the ‘Resilient Kids’ Program for?

The Resilient Kids Program is designed to teach children of a wide range of abilities. The classes teach life lessons and skills that assist every child to reach their fullest potential. Even the savviest children can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others through the Resilient Kids Program.

In order to introduce the concepts, techniques and strategies of the program to children they will need the ability to sit, listen, and concentrate for parts of each lesson.


What Others Have Said

I am so very proud of the success of this program and the impact it has on children and the lives of their families. Read below and click here to see what many others are saying about the Resilient Kids Program.

We completed this program last year. I can’t recommend this more highly. If you have a child that needs tools to not just manage their emotions but understand them, then this is for you. The classes are full of fun activities & help children build confidence & explicitly teach children how to be a friend and make friends. Worth EVERY cent.

Michelle Birch

I can vouch for these classes! We just completed the term and it was wonderful and has had a big impact. Emma’s teaching manner and how she interacts with the children is the best I have seen. You won’t regret your child doing this class.

Breanne Geyle

Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a fabulous program you have, even though I know we are just half way through.  I am so glad I found this for Cooper – in fact I think your program should be taught to all pre-schoolers it is that good (seriously every kindergarten should have you teach this). You have tailored it so well for the age group, and your enthusiasm and ability to engage the children is amazing.

Cooper has been learning and remembering the lessons from the first one and then able to talk about and practise what he has learned in real life with me when things get tough (thanks to me learning as well while listening in on the lessons). It has made a huge difference already, thank you so much.

Alison Zarafa


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